What We Value

We love God. Gods commitment to relationship with people is astounding. His kindness constantly transcends our wandering and the fragile promises we make to Him. We were made for divine romance. The kind of romance that simultaneously treasures awe and intimacy. The life giver has given us breath, thought, words and time. We want to respond by joyfully giving them back to Him.

We love stories. Jesus was never without a story when He spoke. (Mark 4:33-34 MSG) God is the great communicator. He is constantly talking to us through scripture, creation, people and circumstance. We in turn are telling His story through our everyday lives. When we stop for a second in this busy, bustling world, we see his grace and faithfulness in all the details. Our response to this becomes our projection of who we see Him to be.

We love songs. From the earliest days of C+A we have searched for a soundtrack to accompany our daily journey. Its the sound of rhythmic reverence to the melody of majesty. Our lives harmonizing together to the theme of his worthiness. On Sundays we borrow songs from other places, but we also write our own. We bring them as a local offering from our own soil believing that God speaks here in Vancouver. We are always recording songs to keep you connected to our sound beyond Sundays.

We love people. A life of true meaning doesn’t seek to serve itself. Jesus said and showed us that the greatest love is displayed in “ laying down your life for your friends.” Churches have place a huge emphasis on their songs and their story seemingly at the expense of seeing the people they are called to love. You are not a number. You matter. Jesus could look at a multitude and feel compassion for them. You are more than a face in the crowd, you are made in the image of God.