Hey Parents!

While joining Crown and Anchor virtually this Sunday don’t forget Crown Kids! As a part of Crown Kids culture we invest in worship and creativity. Let’s encourage our children to drawn, paint, build, dance all while worshiping our creator. 
Here are some recommended songs that we listen to and get inspired by in
Crown Kids. (You can click the links to open the youtube videos)

Every Move I Make | Dance-A-Long with Lyrics | Kids Worship

“Deep Cries Out” by Bethel Music Kids

“This is Living Now” Hillsong Young and Free


Don’t forget to post your creations and hashtag #crownkids!

Coloring Pages

Craft Ideas!


Game Idea


Supplies Needed:

  • Pen and paper per team


How to Play:
Split up everyone into groups for this game and each group will need someone who can write quickly. The game leader will read a category then give the teams 30 – 60 seconds to write as many things that fit into that category. pretty easy, that catch is each category has a bonus answer and a LCD (lowest common denominator). You get and extra 10 points if write down the bonus and you lose 10 points if your write down the LCD.



Fast Food Restaurants
Bonus: In-N-Out
LCD: McDonald’s


Make sure your LCD is very obvious, should be the easy thing that comes to mind and the opposite for the bonus. In the above example I choose In-N-Out because our church is located in Washington and most students have never been to, our heard of that restaurant, but some might know it.


After 5 – 10 rounds tally up every answer written plus bonuses and LCD’s, tea with the most points wins.


Category Ideas:

  • Fast Food Restaurants

  • Stores in the Mall

  • Things with wheels on them

  • Pixar Movies

  • Disney Channel TV shows

  • Local Pizza Restaurants

  • Things that rhyme with Top

  • Boys Names

  • Girls Names

  • Candy Bars

  • Places you go on vacation

  • US States

  • Taco Bell Menu Items

  • Books of the Bible

  • Summer Olympic Sports

  • Events in the X-Games

  • Hotel Chains